Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stop Smoking - It's behind you!

Vegan sushi roll picture
Well, this week has gone by without a hitch. I haven't really thought about smoking.

A couple of times over the last week, while we've been doing the pantomime, I've been chatting with some other pantomimers, and I've been thinking "Am I only talking to them as an excuse to breathe in their smoke?"
I think that me thinking this is a sign that that's not the reason.

I'm also toying with the idea of combining my Eat Vegan challenge with my Lose 10% Body Weight challenge. I realise that eating vegan isn't a "diet", in the popular meaning of the word*. I just think that as I'm pulling at the chain, eager to do my vegan challenge, I'll lose my 10% body weight through healthy diet (vegan) and exercise.

Also, I'm chewing at the bit to do my CCNA. I think I may be able to do it in the same month as my lose wight challenge. The lose 10% body weight challenge is a physical process, whereas learning for my CCNA is an intellectual one, so I don't think that it will be too much to do at once. I'll try it and see.


If you're reading this and you still smoke, then BUY THE DAMMED BOOK! I mean, like, seriously, I've told you twice already! And to be honest, I'm getting annoyed that I'm having to tell you again.



Joel x


* Diet can have different meanings.
  • The means by which an animal receives sustenance.
    A monkeys diet consists of leaves and water.
  • A system of eating which is used to intentionally alter body weight.
    He's following the Atkins Diet.

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  1. I would say don't pile too much stuff on yourself.
    I know you're uber Joel, but if you're pushing yourself really hard, it's so much easier to fall down, and then your mindset is unlikely to be 'Oh, I just tried to do too much stuff at the same time.' Instead, you might think 'I can't do it, I'm useless, what's the point, etc.'
    The fact that you can do any of these things on their own is amazing.
    Maybe take up a hobby on the side or something, to supplement your awesome.
    Once the panto's over, do you have anything to replace in terms of social awesomeness?
    Remember to go easy on yourself, because it's easier to do that when you're succeeding than when you're not.
    T xxx

    1. Thanks T
      I've decided to do vegan this month with a smattering of CCNA thrown in. I'm leaving the weight loss to another month. x

  2. you're doing really well joely. I was feeling a bit down today, but reading your blogs cheered me up. keep going little bro!

    1. Thank you Joy, it means a lot to me to be able to cheer you up :)