Saturday, 1 February 2014

February Challenge - Eat Vegan

So this months challenge is about changing my body through the things I eat. There seems to be so much controversy in the media about the use of animal products in the human diet. Cancer risks, diabetes risk, fertility, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, heart disease to just mention a few. The food sources that get the least amount of flack seem to be those that are from plants: fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds.

I've researched things fairly thoroughly so I know all my nutritional needs can be met with a vegan1 diet2.

I've been looking forward to this months challenge for some time, it's the main reason why I've brought it forward to February. I like cooking and eating good food. This challenge gives me the opportunity to explore new recipes and tastes of food. It gives me the challenge to ensure I'm getting balanced nutrition while eating tasty food. Of course it is possible to be an unhealthy vegan and just eat junk food for convenience but I'm going to endeavor to steer clear of that on the whole.

For anyone who has any concerns or questions about eating vegan, just pop the questions in the comments at the end of this post or ask me on Facebook.

Here's to a healthier new me!

Joel x


1. Veganism:
  1. The practice of eating neither meat nor other animal products, such as fish milk and milk products, eggs and honey.
  2. A way of life which strictly avoids use of any kind of animal products and services that are based on exploitation of animals.
In this context I am using the first definition.

2. Diet:

  1. The means by which an animal receives sustenance.
    A monkeys diet consists of leaves and water.
  2. A system of eating which is used to intentionally alter body weight.
    He's following the Atkins Diet.
In this context I am using the first definition.

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  1. How is your vegan month going so far, Joel? Is it easier or harder than you thought it would be? Do you feel better?
    Sooo many questions!
    T xxx

  2. Haha you'll have to wait and read tomorrows post to see how it's going! :)
    I'll save the other two questions for my end-of-month Q&A.
    Joel x