Friday, 14 February 2014

Eat Vegan - Omnivorous slips

So after the success of my first week being vegan, I have largely failed this week. No, I haven't been eating meat in a milk, cheese and egg sauce for every meal this week. I've used excuses as to why I ate what I did. On closer inspection, these excuses are nothing more than feeble words with no substance behind them, so I'm not going to try and justify it to you.

Here's my "sin" list for this week:

Friday - Pantomime kids party. Bacon quiche, sausage roll, tuna / ham / cheese rolls, cheese and pineapple on sticks.
Saturday - Dinner party. Pate. Thai seafood curry. Pheasant wrapped in bacon. Apple tart tartan, apple creamy thing. Cheese and crackers.
Sunday - Bacon roll. I ate it in secret so no-one would see me falling off the wagon.
Monday - Cows milk in coffee as I had no money for soy milk.
Wednesday - Cheese sandwich from Tesco.
Thursday - Chicken flavour Super Noodles.
Friday - 1 1/2 Chocolate cup cakes.

In between these slips, I've been eating no animal products.


Honestly, I don't know for sure. I think it's mainly psychological. I'm viewing this as a restriction on my "normal" diet. Instead I should be viewing it as improving my previously unhealthy diet.

There may also be a nutritional factor in there too. I think it may be that I am not getting my full set of essential amino-acids (proteins are amino-acids). To rectify this, I'm currently sprouting chickpeas and green lentils. Together these will ensure I am consuming adequate amounts of complete proteins. I've got some tasty meals planned for them. :)

So, here's to next week, back on the wagon with a vengeance!



If you've got some cheap and/or quick meal ideas, please pass them on via my Facebook or Twitter.

Also, any questions, just drop me a message at the above sites.

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