Saturday, 26 April 2014

Change Is The Only Constant

Everything has changed, is changing and will change. Change brings us summer, flowers, mountains, hunger, maturity.

Existing inherently from inside this skin, personal change can be difficult to notice. Travel on your own to another place for a month, and you may return feeling like you've changed very little, save for a boat-load of new memories. To others, however, you've become much more assertive, independent and self-confident. You've changed.

 Change is also a consequence and a causality. The tilt of the Earth causes the seasons. The change of seasons cause plant growth, and the changes in plant growth affect the population of insects. The insects affect the amount of food that grows which affects the price of food. That affects how much stress you face.

For those of us suffering with depression, change can be the last thing we want. We can't even cope, half the time, to do all the things we can remember to do. And then change happens.

Oohh ... just... uh... what... *wraps self in blanket and curls up the in corner*

But you know what? Change can also be good. Yep. If you always walk along the same bit of grass, a path will form. When we see a path we instinctively want to follow it. The same can be true of our daily routines. Once they become habit, we start to follow them without thinking about it. This can feel comfortable, familiar. But, you won't get better if nothing changes. I'm not talking of anything big here.

Here's some ideas to start you off. Take one at a time:
  • Brush your teeth once a day.
  • Put on clean pants each morning.
  • Shower once a week.
  • Shave once a week.
  • Walk for 10 minutes outside once a week.
  • Call a friend once a week.
  • Spend the day out once a month.
  • Get out of bed before 12 pm every weekday.

These may seem like easy things to do, but sometimes it's all we can manage. Try to embrace change, become friends with it. Look for why a "bad" change could be good instead.

If you watch a tree growing, you won't see it if you look every day. But it is  constantly changing, the changes are just so small you can't see them. But, it can grow into something majestic from all those little changes.
Be a tree.


"Be a tree" is not to be taken literally. Standing straight with your arms out and your feet covered in a foot of soil shouting "I'm a tree! Someone climb my trunk! / Wanna see my tap root? / Come and extract my sap! / I've grown a lovely pair of coconuts, taste them", could be seen as barking mad (pun intended). And you could be arrested, especially if you plant yourself in the lawn of the ex who has a restraining order out against you.

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